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Diezor - chapter one
 It’s the first time this day I let myself stand still. I finally let myself relax, let my muscles unbind and my mind settle down. Finally, for it’s he first time this morning that I do. I sigh heavily as my muscles start to loosen up, slowly but surely, one by one. Only now I notice how sore they feel, from all the knots I’ve been tying in them over the last three hours.
 This morning I woke up early. And with a start. Shocked awake by my own fears, my own nightmare. I had felt so real though . . .
 After that, I simply had to get away. From everything. And as quickly as I could. Desperately trying to take my mind of it all. And nothing is more perfect for that than the woods.
 Without stopping for breakfast, I'd sneaked out of the palace unnoticed, taken my own horse, Amour, from the stables and rode through the city’s gates at first light.
 The only people who saw me this morning were the watching soldiers on the walls; they stand the
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Naraka - Ch.22
 ‘’Can we trust the immortals?’’ I ask, and I feel as small and defenseless as a child – a very young child.
 Davous doesn’t answer immediately, he takes a moment to think his words through. ‘’You can trust them for sharing an enemy with you, yes,’’ he says eventually. ‘’But not much more than that.’’
 What does that mean?
 When I open my mouth to ask, Kate is quicker. ‘’What do you mean?’’ she asks – Could our minds be more in sync right now?
 Reluctance and dubiety radiate from Davous’s face as clear as day. He doesn’t like this question, that much is clear. ‘’Immortals and humans aren’t known for their great collaborations. No matter what, they will always be two completely different species. And though you have the same goal now, that will change when that goal is reached.’’
 Does he try to be so va
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Naraka - Ch.21
 I suck in a quick breath. A desperate breath from surprise and need.
 Because he looks away!
 His gaze falters from mine, moving to the ground. But he doesn’t look at the floor. He’s just staring into the distance, seeing nothing, thinking hard.
 ‘’I was born in another world than this one,’’ he starts slowly. My gloom is lifted, my heart flutters excitedly – he’s finally talking! ‘’I was born in the Empire called Mitera. Which is run by immortals, but other creatures live there, too.’’
 He stops. It’s silent. What is he waiting for? I want to ask, but I don’t. I can’t. My mind is too occupied with this very small – but completely unraveling – piece of information. I need the time to let it sink in, to mull it over.
 ‘’Do you mean witches?’’ Kate finally dares to ask.
 Davous’s head moves up so fast that the s
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Naraka - Ch.20
 ‘’We can’t stay here!’’ Tess hisses at me as she and Kate still stand around awkwardly.
 I feel myself slip into a no-nonsense kind of mood. ‘’You don’t want to stay?’’ I ask her, my tone quite harsh. ‘’Then go,’’ I answer her for myself.
 Tess’s eyes turn even more furious now; angry from betrayal. I feel a pang shoot through my body as I remember, vividly, what that feels like. Can it be only a day ago, that I felt like that? Intensely so, toward Davous?
 And do I still feel like that? Betrayed by him? By his games?
 No, I don’t – I realize.
 But why?
 It takes me some time and effort to admit, but I think it’s because I know he never really did. I realize now that it is true; he never played a game with me.
 How do I know this? Faith, I guess . . . – there’s nothing else I can think of to explain it.
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Naraka - Ch.19
 I feel so heavy. I feel so unbelievably heavy. But I also feel light. No, not light – I feel like I’m flying!
 Everything passes me by. Everything goes on without my interference. I don’t interrupt anything or anyone, nor do I want to. I fly over streets, houses, fields and am content. For the first time in a long time I feel peaceful. My heart beats in a normal rhythm, my lungs breathe with perfect regularity. Everything is good.
 Until I fly over a dry, yellow field. In it stands a man. A young man. A non-human man. He has dark eyes. And as soon as my eyes move to his, I’m caught, and I know there’s no going back.
 I open my eyes.
 I feel warm.
 No, I feel hot – incredibly hot.
 ‘’Why is it so hot in here?’’ I ask aloud without thinking.
 To my utter surprise, someone answers. ‘’Because you’ve been sleeping with your clothes on,’’ I hear a voice tell me.
 I recognize the voice, I know that. But
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Naraka - Ch.18
 ‘’Are you really a vampire?’’ Kate repeats, her voice demanding, trying sternly to get our attention.
 All I do is stare at Davous. All he does is stare at me.
 Kate is so close by, yet so far away. In this moment, I’m sure, I wouldn’t be able to reach her, even if I wanted to . . . which I don’t.
 And then the most terrible thing in the world happens: Davous looks away. His eyes tear from mine like a bandage from a wound, leaving me bleeding. I want to scream, but my throat refuses. I want to grab hold of him, forcing him to look at me, but my arms won’t move. I want his attention, his gaze, and I want it badly. But I also don’t . . .
 WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?! What’s wrong with me?! What am I feeling, what am I doing?!
 I feel like I have never felt before. And I definitely don’t feel like myself.
 Suddenly, within a fraction of a second, I’m back. Everyone and
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Naraka - Ch.17
 ‘’Davous,’’ I call out cautiously.
 I can’t believe I’m actually going to see him again. And on the other hand, I also can. It seems inevitably, somehow . . .
 I shake that last thought from my mind quickly, for it confuses me to no end.
 ‘’Yes,’’ Davous answers in his strong but quiet voice. I only now notice how good it sounds.
 I shake that thought quickly, too.
 I throw a glance behind me, at Kate. Her eyes stand wide; guarded, but also expecting.
 We walk slowly but surely, down the path from the door, with at our left only cardboard boxes. Just a few seconds does it take us, to walk to the point where he comes into view.
 Once I see him, I halt immediately. What should I do? What should I say?
 He doesn’t seem to know what to do or say either, he just waits with surprise clear on his features – he wasn’t expecting for me to come back. I don’t know whet
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Naraka - Ch.16
 I wake up with a start. When I open my eyes I see only darkness around me – in other words: I see nothing.
 Breathing heavily and sweating buckets I try to clear my head. It's not easy – nothing in my mind is lucid, nothing at all. But I try anyway.
 I think of yesterday – yesterday night. Of what he said. Of what Davous said.
 All the words, his and my own, float through my mind, making me dizzy. It's so much. It's not just the words. The things I felt, remembering that is what really makes my head spin. It's all so strange, all so . . . new.
 What is happening to me? Why do I react to him the way I do? Why do I feel so betrayed?
 Lying awake last night, racking my brain over everything, the only thing that really held, that stuck with me through all the hours, was the sense of betrayal.
 When I had finally admitted to feel this – which took quite some time because of my stubbornness and pride – I asked myself how I can feel so betrayed by a person
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Naraka - Ch.15
 I unfreeze and am back again. I was lost, but now I'm back.
 I smile at him, warmly.
 Warmth; I feel it streaming to every part of my body. What is happening to me? What am I turning into? Is it him, who has this effect on me?
 That last thought scares me to death and beyond. I want to shutter, I want to recoil, I want to run away screaming – but nothing happens. Nothing but calm and warmth takes hold of my body. I can't resist, nor do I think I want to.
 I move – I move toward him. He has sat up from the couch, which leaves room for me, to sit on the end. I don't look in his eyes as I move, I don't know why. Instead my eyes are caught by his hands. They lie in his lap, restlessly, twitching to come into action. But what kind of action? What do they want to do?
 I look at his wrists and see deep red lines formed in his skin. Are they wounds? They must be, I think.
 They remind me of shackles . . . is that what caused the lines?
 ''Were you impri
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Naraka - Ch.14
 When I arrive a half hour late for dinner at the dining room everyone is curious where I was. I tell them the only lame excuse I could come up with: that I was so distracted while reading a book that I lost track of time.
 Many laugh; before today they had thought I'd never picked up a book in my life – probably assuming I couldn't read like some others here – the idea of me actually enjoying a book is more hilarious than realistic to them.
 I'm glad they laugh, it makes them completely overlook the possibility that I could be lying. There's only one problem now; Kate doesn't laugh. Well, that wouldn't really be a problem – but that she looks at me intently with suspicious eyes almost all through dinner, is a problem.
 I'm going to have to tell her something. I just don't know what . . .
 That's not true, I do know what. There are only two options after all: tell the truth or lie.
 But which one is the best choice? – I'm not sure at all.
 I think abo
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Naraka - Ch.13
 We leave the restroom with a slightly better pace than we came to it. It's still not that fast, but at least it's balanced. It makes me less nervous, less afraid for the possibility of him falling to the ground at any moment.
 The halls are silent, deserted by all life. And if it weren't for the moon shining so bright through the many windows, it would be pitch dark. Another piece of luck.
 As I had predicted – and maybe, also, because luck seems to be on our side – we don't stumble in to anything or anyone on our way. We make it to the attic door, unscratched and unseen.
 But as I close the door behind us, we arrive at our first problem: the stairs. It's a lot higher and steeper than I remembered. I'm not sure how to get Davous to the top of that thing in his current state.
 What to do?
 I hold still, staring, waiting for an answer. I know we should just try it, but how to do it? Just start walking the steps and try? Or support his weight somehow? If he
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Naraka - Ch.12
 Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this?
 I repeat the question like a mantra in my head, over and over again. But no answer comes up. And it's true; there's no logical explanation for what I'm doing. There is no reason, no motive. Only need. Need to help, need to protect. Need to know.
 ''I'll tell you everything you want to know,'' is what he promised me.
 In exchange for protection. In exchange for me hiding him, he will give me what I want most: information.
 But isn't the prize I have to pay for this thing much too high? Yes, it is. And still, I'm doing it. I'm paying it.
 That is what I keep asking myself. Only questions, no answers – once again.
 ''Where are we going?'' the vampire asks, as he leans on my shoulders.
 We walk through the hall, away from the library, in a slow and unstable pace. More stumbling, actually, than walking. The vampire groans and moans as he tries to rest on me as little as possible. Whether he does it as a favor or because
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Naraka - Ch.11
 Amos dismisses us after his little speech fairly quickly. Only a few other recruits ask some basic questions – like what the duration of our training will be, and if we'll stay in this place all through our training, etc. etc. – but after that the immortals leave us free to spend the day as we please.
 And I, for once, have a great idea. I was thinking, while looking at all the books in this great library, that there might also be some history books. History books with information. History books about the many species, and maybe even about the two worlds.
 When I tell Kate my plan, her eyes turn very determent and excited – yes, we are certainly two people made for adventure.
 Many of the other recruits decide to stay in the library as well, so it's busy. I'm grateful for it, because it means Kate and mine actions will come across less suspicious – after all, it's not every day the others see a book in either of our hands.
 For hours and hours we spit through every history book we can
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Naraka - Ch.10
 It's been three weeks since Alexis has brought me to the safe house. Not much has changed. Serious training still hasn't begun. But it will soon, since we're with ninety-six recruits already.
 After the incident we had with the vampires – the incident we told none of the other recruits about – nothing else like it has happened. I'd be lying if I said Kate and I didn't wander through the halls, looking for secret places, more than once. But we never found anything. No vampires, no prisons.
 They probably hid them well, which seems logical. We weren't very thorough while seeking either, though. The dark eyes of the vampire who tried to kill me, don't just haunt me every night in my sleep. In the day, the image also pops up every once in a while. It makes my courage grow less, considerably. And it makes me less daring to go through every room and corner in this house.
 I don't even know why Kate and I go to look for them at all. We're both scared, that much is obvious
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Naraka - Ch.9
 My skin turns as white as bone, I'm sure. My eyes pop open wide and my mouth hangs open slightly. This all, as I take in the scene before me.
 On the courtyard, I can see one big group of people with burns all over their skin. Though, 'people' is not really a good word: these are not people. None of them are.
 They are vampires – I'm sure of it.
 Goosebumps form on my skin. I can feel it, but I don't see it; my eyes fixed too much on what is before me. My heart thumps loudly in my ears – it's the only thing I can hear any more. And my breath feels shallow, rasping through my throat like salt and sand.
 Though the group before me seems big to me at first, when I count I discover it's only nine vampires in total. For the rest, there also a few immortals – I think – that stand by them. About as many as there are vampires. They're reining them in, as it seems. Keeping them assembled in a small space together. But I'm not sure if that is really what's happening . .
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(Evan's point of view)
 It's a steady and uneventful ride, in our newly obtained car from along the road. The car is old and ugly, but it works – and that's all that matters.
 Where are we going?
 I do not know. Neither does Moby, I'm guessing. 'On' – she said when I asked. Just going for the sake of going. That certainly sounds a lot like the rest of my two weeks of life. Though now, I'm in much better company than I was before. It makes the ride to nowhere-in-particular much more enjoyable, and therefor; worth while.
 I throw a quick glance to my right, where Moby sits next to me. She's staring out of the window. Thinking, rather than looking.
 Something catches my eye. Something small and beautiful. ''The little band on your finger – that means you're married right?'' I ask her, breaking the silence that'd hung over us for so long.
 Her eyes jump to mine, their look sharp. I smile at her. The only way she reacts is by looking away – staring off into the space before us.
 After a whi
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